How to Get the Best Price for MacBook Repairs

Whether you have a cracked screen or a broken hard drive, you’ll eventually need to get your MacBook repaired. Luckily, most repairs are easily fixable by you. However, some MacBook repairs may require a professional’s services. To get the best possible price for your MacBook repair, you should know what you should expect before you decide to bring it in.

How long does MacBook Pro Repair take?

First, you’ll need to know which kind of MacBook you have. Retina models are much more difficult to repair than standard models. This is because Retina MacBooks are built differently than their predecessors. RAM in MacBook Airs, for instance, is soldered onto the case, whereas MacBook Pro RAM is removable.

Apple’s Self Service Repair Program started with iPhones last year and is now expanding it to MacBooks. It plans to extend the program to all products later this year, including older models. The “right to repair” movement has also prompted Apple to make this program available to more countries and even more MacBook models. However, this service isn’t without its drawbacks.

First, a MacBook repair can be expensive. While the cost of a new MacBook is around $250, it can reach $400 if the screen is damaged. In some cases, a MacBook repair may cost up to $700.

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