Choosing a Fitness Tracker For Seniors Without Smartphone

For seniors who don’t want to rely on their fitness tracker for seniors without smartphone, there are a variety of fitness trackers available. These devices can track your steps, calories, and sleep patterns, and most have GPS capabilities. Choosing the right fitness tracker depends on a number of factors, including its build quality, available sensors, and screen resolution. The battery life of a fitness tracker can range from a day to several months. If you’re only using the fitness tracker as a pedometer, you can get away with a smaller battery life, but if you plan to use it for extended periods, you’ll need one with a longer battery life or one with solar charging capabilities.

How accurate is a fitness tracker?

If you’re a parent, a fitness tracker for seniors without a smartphone can also help keep an eye on your aging parent. The Fitbit inspire 2 is the easiest of the Fitbit models, with minimal buttons and screen prompts. This device is simple to use, but it doesn’t have fall detection, unlike some Apple products. However, if you’re concerned about the safety of your aging parents, you can consider buying a Fitbit with a fall detection feature.

When choosing a fitness tracker for seniors, you must look for features that are easy to use. Your senior loved one doesn’t want to be bothered by an obnoxious display that will be difficult to read in bright sunlight. In addition, the device should be comfortable and skin-friendly for your senior loved one to wear.

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